Company Overview

  • Company Name

    21 Lady Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    5-5 Niban-cho, Bancho Fifth Building 5th Floor, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

    102-0084 Japan

  • Founding

    March 7, 2000

  • Capital Stock

    160 million yen

  • Account Closing Month


  • Business Activities

    Total business support for life-style industries

  • Subsidiary

    HIROTA Co., Ltd./ ILLUMS JAPAN Co., Ltd.


  • Sales

    2895 million yen (Fiscal 2014 Financial Report)

  • Management Representatives

    President: Michiko Fujii (Hirono)

    Directors: Yoshihiro Kitagawa, Takashi Kobara, Takehiko Shimojo, Shigeo Nagano

    Auditors: Yasukuni Kobayashi, Junichi Aratake, Takayuki Tanaka

  • Primary Stock Holders

    Michiko Fujii (Hirono)/Kato Yoshikazu Inc./ SE Holdings and
    Incubations Co. Ltd/SIXSIS Co., Ltd./Shiseido Co., Ltd./Nippon
    Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd/Nomura Securities Co., Ltd./Key
    Coffee Inc.

  • Primary Banking Relations

    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Co., Ltd./ Mizuho bank, Ltd

  • History

    March 2000
    21 Lady.com was established as a company offering total business support for life-style industries.
    March 2002
    Established a sponsorship contract with HIROTA Co., Ltd. during their company restructure.
    June 2002
    HIROTA Co., Ltd. fully became a subsidiary of 21 Lady.
    October 2004
    21 Lady was listed on Centrex; Nagoya stock exchange.
    March 2010
    ILLUMS Japan Co., Ltd. becomes a partial subsidiary with the acquisition of 85% of ILLUMS Co. Ltd stock share from ITOCHU Corporation.
    August 2011
    Acquires 10% of ILLUMS Japan Co., Ltd. stock share from Royal
    Copenhagen Japan Co., Ltd.
    November 2012
    Acquires 5% of ILLUMS Japan Co., Ltd. stock share from Royal Copenhagen Japan Co., Ltd. I make it my subsidiary.